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SAS macros for principal components analysis and correlation matrices

- PCA Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
This program bootstraps relationships among traits by randomly sampling the actual observations in a data set with replacement.

- PCA Randomization Tests
This program tests for significant relationships among variables using randomization. It tests for significant correlations/covariances and significant eigenvalues and eigenvector coefficients from Principal Components Analyses.


Laboratory Protocols

These are the protocols we use in the Tonsor Lab for performing routine procedures. The first draft was often written by undergraduate researchers in the lab, then edited by more experienced lab members. Each time the protocol is used, there is an opportunity for discussion at the weekly lab meeting and for editing. Comments, advice and conversation are most welcome.

  • Adjust Gas Exchange for Variable Leaf Area pdf
  • Bolting Date Assay pdf
  • cDNA Synthesis pdf
  • Cleaning Growth Chambers pdf
  • Clean Up Procedure After a Plant Growth Experiment pdf
  • Collecting Leaf for Western Blots pdf
  • Creating a Planting Design Sheet pdf
  • Downloading Data from the LiCor 6400 IRGA pdf
  • Final Harvest Procedure pdf
  • First Flower Date Assay pdf
  • Fluorometry with the Walz PAM 2000 pdf
  • Germination Assay pdf
  • Induction pdf
  • IRGA with the LiCor 6400 and 4 Whole-Plant Cuvettes pdf
  • Leaf Imaging pdf
  • Light Saturation Curve pdf
  • Microplate Reader pdf
  • Nitrate Supply – Ion Specific Probe Measurement pdf
  • Nutrient Concetrate Formulation for Dosatrons pdf
  • Palm PDA Use pdf
  • Planting Seeds pdf
  • Protein Extraction pdf
  • Protein Quantification pdf
  • Running the Perkin-Elmer 2400 CHN Elemental Analyzer pdf
  • Seed Sterilization pdf
  • Thinning Seedlings pdf
  • Tonsor Lab Safety pdf
  • Tonsor Molecular Lab Procedures pdf
  • Traw Lab Method of RNA Extraction pdf
  • Weighing pdf
  • Weights and Grinding for CHN pdf
  • Western Blot pdf